Saturday, January 31, 2009

wow, that didn't take long

I missed day 2 already...
Ok.. so like today is the new day 1.

Today I was hoping to go into Boston to record an event for the Banditos Misteriosos, a great Boston based group that holds free and family friendly events about every other month in and around Boston. Today is a post Holiday gift exchange which ought to be good for some laughs. Unfortunately I'm working today so I'll be missing this event, but I'd highly recommend everyone check them out in the future for some good ol' clean fun.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PotD Editor for Bostonist is now Official

As of today my first post is up as PotD editor of I'm very proud to be able to contribute to a website that I think highly of, and whom I feel does a tremendous job of informing people about the happenings in and around Boston.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bostonist PotD Editor

As of today, I am the new Photo of the Day Editor at Bostonist. Bostonist is part of the -ist group of blogs which originated with, a website devoted to New York City. Bostonist is a blog I have been reading for about a year now and is constantly updated with fresh content about the goings-on in and around Boston. Hopefully the people that read my blog will give Bostonist some of their time each day, and perhaps a few Bostonist readers will end up dropping by this blog for some photography reading.

For now though, I'm looking forward to meeting my Bostonist cohorts and beginning to take on the role of PotD editor.

~ Brad

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