Friday, May 29, 2009

NCAA Lacrosse Championships - Div I

I was shot the Syracuse vs. Duke semi-final game of the men's NCAA Div I Lacrosse championships last Saturday. Unfortunately however, I missed the rest of the championship weekend with some kind illness.

The worst aspect of the day was the parking. Although there was a large audience for the games, the stadium was no where near capacity. In addition, there was no charge for parking so I'm still wondering why I sat in two hours of traffic to get into the parking lot. If traffic is controlled in a similar manner for Patriot games I'll certainly keep my distance. There is no reason that with free parking (no stopping and paying, just drive in and find a spot) that there should be a 3+ mile backup.

The good news is that once I was in the parking lot, picking up my credentials and finding the photo room was a breeze. They had me credentialed as "media" instead of "photo" but when I inquired, they said not to worry about it since the game was about to begin. Good job by the staff not jerking me around when I'm trying to meet a deadline.

I won't recap the whole game but it was clear that Syracuse was too strong of an opponent for Duke that day. They took an early lead and continued to build on it through 4 quarters. Syracuse went on to win the National Championship on Memorial Day.

(Left) Spencer Van Schaack makes a quick pass in a game that saw an amazing 24 goals.
(Right) Duke attacker Justin Turri gets checked as gets too near the Syracuse goal.

Orangemen midfielder Matt Abbot stays focused on preventing a Duke comeback in the 3rd period.

Senior Jake Moulton puts a ball past Duke goalie Rob Schroeder just 7 seconds into the 3rd period.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk -- Boston

On July 18th, Scott Kelby & company are hosting the 2nd annual World Wide Photo Walk. Photo walks are a great way to meet other photographers and make new friends. The Kelby WWPW is a great opportunity at getting many people involved, all at no cost. The walks are all organized locally by walk leaders using the WWPW website as a centralized point of information. The walks are limited to 50 people each, but many cities including Boston will have multiple walks.

This year I am happy to say that I'm hosting a walk along Boston Harbor, from the Seaport District to the North End along the harbor walk. The walk I'm leading filled up in just over 48 hours which is fantastic. Even Scott Kelby's assistant, the other Brad Moore, took notice saying,

"I have to say that I’m both proud of and happy for Brad Moore. No, not me. The other Brad Moore, who is leading one of the Boston photo walks! His walk is at capacity, and I’m sure all of you who signed up for his walk will have a great day. We had the pleasure of meeting at Photoshop World not too long ago, and he’s a really nice guy. But not to fear, Bostonians! There are two other walks in your city with plenty of room left, so check them out here and here."

One of these days we'll have to figure out who has to be the "other" Brad Moore, but for now I'll assume it isn't me. :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NCAA Lacrosse this weekend

With the 'Canes beating the Bruins and in Pittsburgh trying to even the series at a game a piece, I'm here getting organized for this weekends NCAA Lacrosse Championships at Gillette Stadium. I'll be shooting the Div 1 semis & finals on Saturday & Monday respectively. Looking forward to this opportunity to shoot a sport I am not very familiar with. After shooting some NCAA Div III lacrosse, it is certainly a fascinating game and I expect I will fully enjoy the experience.

More to come after the games on Saturday.

~ Brad

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Canes win over Boston in 7 games!

Boston, I love you, I really do. And we're going to have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship as the years go by. I can cheer for your Celtics, Pats, and Red Sox, but unfortunately I have a (not so) dirty secret. I am a Caniac loud and proud. A Caniac you ask? A Caniac is what the hardcore fans of the Carolina Hurricanes call themselves. I know you may feel uneasy about this relationship now, and the sting of losing game 7 may hurt, but I hope in time you will accept me for who I am and accept the Carolina Hurricanes as part of our life. Go 'Canes!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Boston Bruins

I have to take a moment to step off topic and just say that I'm damn proud of my beloved Carolina Hurricanes in their victory over the New Jersey Devils. The team held in their and beat the Devils by scoring two goals in the final 1:20 of the 3rd period to win the series. With the 'Canes headed to Boston for game 1 tonight, I'm going to be a busy man tracking their progress. For anyone else interested in hockey as well as photography, a few links for you and feel free to shoot me an email or twit.

Carolina Hurricanes Homepage
A Hurricanes forum I frequent
Boston Bruins Homepage

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