Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Race bills itself as the Everest of Sailing. It is a 37,000 nautical mile worldwide race from Alicante, Spain to St Petersburg, Russia. Lots of modern sports like to bill themselves as extreme, but none of them are even in the same league as this. Sailing through some of the world’s most dangerous seas, each team of 11 will spend over 9 months on the seas not only racing each other, but simply trying to survive whatever mother nature decides to throw their way. (From my article on bostonist found here)

Fellow photographer Jeff Tamagini and I spent a long day alongside Boston Harbor to catch the arrival of the lead pack of boats finishing their trip from Brazil. We were well rewarded however with some beautiful warm light when Ericsson 4 came past us to win the Boston stage.

Soon after Ericsson 3 and Telefonica Blue followed with the sun burying itself in the clouds allowing for a soft light.

What we were really waiting for however was Boston's own Puma il mostro. The Puma crew had some problems after being in third coming around the whale exclusion zone, and ended up 4th for the stage, but still 3rd in the overall points championship.

I am currently working with Puma to cover more of their events and the Puma City at Fan Pier.

~ Brad

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting excited - Spring is here

The blahs of winter are fading fast and I'm starting to get excited about the spring and summer. This Saturday I'll be on Cape Cod doing a sunrise lighthouse photo shoot with some members of the Boston Photo Mob. Next week will see me photographing a sports banquet for Regis College and working on setting up some more sports shoots. Sunday or Monday I hope to have up pictures and some details on the lighthouse trip, it should be a good one.


Friday, April 3, 2009

We're starting over

The followers of my blog (all 4 of you currently) may notice that almost all of the posts are gone. That's because I deleted them. They were inane personal ramblings and short, unfocused thoughts that were just taking up space on the internet. As of today, I'm starting over. Part of the reason for my failure as a blogger is that I didn't really know where I was taking the blog. I knew I wanted to take people on a journey with me, but had no idea how we were getting there or even where we were going. With the tremendous support for my recent article on photographer's rights being violated in Chelsea I now know where we're headed, and that we'll be using multiple forms of transportation to get there.

For starters, I'm not going to blog every day. Why? Because I don't have something interesting or poignant to say every day and even my wife doesn't like to hear me just babble about nothing. So although this won't be the first post on the blog, I did leave the few decent posts up, we're taking the first step on our journey starting now:

Thought I'd start this with more of an introduction than anything really sophisticated. I'm an photographer in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts which encompasses the areas surrounding Boston. Even after living in North Carolina for almost 30 years my heart belongs here in Boston. It's simply the best place I've ever been. So rich in history, Boston is definitely one of the great American cities. Much of my photography centers around my love of my new home. I enjoy providing people with a view of Boston how I see it: The Good, the Bad, and the Red Sox.

I am very proud to be the photo editor at Bostonist.com.In addition to determining the photo of the day, keeping on top of photography related issues in Boston, and finding photographers for assignments, I also cover local collegiate sports including Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, & UMASS. I've had the fortune to work along side sports photography greats like Steve Babineau of the Boston Bruins and interview Photoshop heavy hitter Scott Kelby


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