Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Homecoming is always a special time of year for any college or university. With alums coming back to reminisce and current students wanting to show that their class is as good as any in school history, the atmosphere is usually electric. It is a great time to rekindle old friendships and to make new ones.

At Regis as at many institutions homecoming centers itself around athletics and camaraderie. Our athletes take to the fields and courts to show their school spirit and and our fans cheer them on anxiously anticipating inevitable victory. Our faculty and staff come out in support of the students who work so hard on the field of competition, the same way they work hard in the classroom.

This year homecoming started out with the traditional pep rally. A late night party where school spirit dominates. The pep rally this year was student run and they did a terrific job. The DJ had the students on their feet, and the MCs for the evening kept things moving and helped fuel the great atmosphere.

(Various pep rally images)

Saturday morning homecoming began in earnest. With the official blessing of our new athletics fields, followed by men's and women's soccer, women's field hockey, and women's volleyball. This would be an all day event for me, and it turned out to be the same for many of our alums. With the biggest crowds of the year looking on, our teams competed fiercely in each of the games that day.

Ashley Hibbard(Left) & Marie Kong(Right) take the field for the women's soccer game

The Regis women's soccer team psychs themselves up for their homecoming match

Keith Mahoney makes a dangerous play during the men's soccer match

(Left) Kelly Cadigan takes a corner kick
(Right) Molly Teixira receives a pass during the women's field hockey game

Sara Ankerud (Yellow) comes out of her goal to stop an attack by the Anna Maria forwards

(Left) Amanda Hoyt serves against a tough Daniel Webster team
(Right) Domingas Gomez gets great height while on the offensive in two different matches that day

Lauren Ross stuffs a return attempt for an easy Regis point


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